Irmgard Schaller

Arcomelos photo

Arcomelos is a chamber ensemble dedicated to the performance of string chamber music from the 17th-century to the present day. Performing on period instruments, Arcomelos was founded by Irmgard Schaller and Richard Gwilt, as an "umbrella" ensemble allowing us to indulge our stylistic expertise in music from the early baroque (c. 1600) to the classics (Beethoven), and beyond (contemporary). Recent concerts have seen us appearing as classical string trio, string quartet, and trio sonata (early 17th-century, with trombone).
As for our name, Arco (Italian) bow, melos (Greek) song, melody. Hence Arcomelos, "to sing with the bow", or "the melodious bow" . Also, most certainly not coincidentally, Arcomelo was Arcangelo Corelli's membership name in the Arcadian Academy in Rome.
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